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How to Fold Your Socks


Next time something knocks your socks off, you'll know exactly what to do!
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Socks and Sandals


The sock and sandal- a game changer. The embarrassment of normcore dad dressing is all but a thing of the past, the uncomfortable combination has since become the staple of any discerning fashionista.
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Cashmere Socks. A Care Guide.


Cashmere is considered to be one of the finest natural fibres in the world, and as such it must be cared for accordingly. Corgi socks not only uses cashmere, but the finest possible Mongolian cashmere goat hair to create its luxury garments.
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Socks In The City


The careful consideration of the dress sock choice should be neither ignored nor undermined. Indeed, the ascendancy of the sock in the workplace has been taken very seriously here at Corgi, thus we introduce the city sock.
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Corgi Collaborates. Again.


London Fashion Week Men’s sparked a new era for fashion concepts. A deconstruction of traditionalism, whereby for the first time both the men’s and women’s collections were married on the same stage. This shift away from segregation has been a powerful force in recent fashion trends, with Jaden Smith famously wearing a pleated skirt for Louis Vuitton’s latest digital campaign.
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The Alchemy of Craftsmanship. Deconstructed.


Esquire magazine recently named Breitling’s exospace B55 connected as the smartest smartwatch around. As for socks, Corgi is (quite frankly), its natural equivalent-in our completely objective opinion, of course!
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From Soccus to Sock. A Brief History.


The year shadowed by crises and confusion, mourning and mass misery is all but gone. Now awakes the dawn of 2017, and one hundred and twenty-five years since the birth of Corgi socks. More than ever history provides not only an infinite reservoir of stories, but a vessel of knowledge and wisdom to be reflected upon and channeled.
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Corgi Christmas Gifting


Corgi provides a pantheon of personal style this holiday season. Far from a mere curator of the mottled shin, the sock has since become an emblem of the new order in men’s style. For the sartorially-minded, we suggest a cashmere and silk pair in vicuna, as a welcomed addition to the stocking of the informed man.
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Socks. Affirmative


Entwined into the fine seams of modern menswear is the dress sock, the platform for sartorial expression.
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(Ankle) Model for a Day


Think Annie Leibovitz, warm croissants outside a café in Le Marais, macaroons at Midnight, Spruce-infused Nordic cabins. Tantalizing imagery, none of which were applicable to Corgi’s winter photoshoot. The rusty tones of the winter palette cried out for an industrial-themed shoot, and so we found ourselves amongst the archaeology of a forgotten time; embedded in memories of industry and workmanship.
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