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Your Summer Sock Style Guide


One of your biggest priorities in the summer months is staying cool and not overheating. Find the perfect socks for your summer outfit today.
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Garden Party Sock Guide


Summertime and garden parties go hand in hand, what could be better. Join us as we explore the real do's and don'ts for garden party attire.
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A Comprehensive History of the Sock


Join us as we journey through time to discover the history of the sock and find that this oft-overlooked garment is much more interesting than you might think.
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Country Sock Styling Tips for Different Occasions


We take a look at some essential country sock styling tips to help keep you comfortable, warm and looking fab, whatever you're up to.
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How do Socks and Sock Fashion Differ across Cultures?


Socks can be a sartorial afterthought, but the same cannot always be said in different cultures. Join us on our comfortable stroll around the world of socks.
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A Style Guide: How to Wear Wool this Spring


In early spring, it's best to dress for all weathers, but how can that be achieved? The answer is wool. Here's our guide to how to wear wool this spring.
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Corgi Travels!


From Tokyo to Seoul, this month Corgi has been logging frequent flyer miles! Chris Jones, our Co-Managing Director travelled to some of our biggest export markets with designer Katie to visit customers old and new.
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Design Competition Winners


We're happy to announce the winners of our Winter competition! See all the winning designs and the story behind them...
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Corgi Visits Sweden


The Corgi brand expanding globally isn't anything new, however Sweden was one country that hadn't been on our radar, until now...
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The Wonders of Wool: Celebrating Wool Week


Now in its eighth year, Wool Week has become a recognised industry event with pop up exhibitions, workshops and activities appearing all over the UK. Designed to educate and promote the benefits of wool, Wool Week has inspired us here at Corgi HQ to explore this wonderful natural fibre and its unique properties.
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Classic British brands you'll see in the Kingsman shop


Director Matthew Vaughn and coveted online luxury brand Mr Porter have created a bespoke collection inspired by Ms Arianne Phillips' work who designed the costume for Kingsman: The Secret Service. The spin off Kingsman brand has proven to be a success, and is once again in the limelight this time for the launch of the films sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle that hit our screens on 29th September 2017.
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Why are socks the easiest gift to give at Christmas?


When the festive season is in full swing, you've had your Christmas soirees, and the countdown to the big day is on, you suddenly realise you haven't bought any gifts. It's the classic scenario, we have all been there, some more than others.
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Sole Mates: A Guide on Wedding Socks


Wedding season is in full swing! It's time to raise your sock game, and accessories too for that matter. A smart suit and a shiny brogue just isn't enough. Whether you're the groom, best man or a guest, now is the time to invest in those little details that really set off your ensemble for the special occasion - and what better way to start than with a pair of freshly pressed socks?. Now, which to choose?
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Spring 2017: What are the best socks to wear for Spring?


It's great to see changes in sock fashions as the days get warmer - and we're not referring to displaying your socks in all their glory with shorts and sandals on rather pale and tired legs. Oh no, we have a far more sophisticated way to achieve sartorial success.
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Sock Style Tips: A Guide to Sock Fashion


If you're looking for the latest sock style tips, look no further. With our guide on how to make the most out of your sock style, you'll never be out of the loop.
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Bed Socks and Other Things to Help you Sleep


If you're looking for things to help you sleep at night, along with the usual lavender oil, our bed socks will make a world of difference. Read on to find out more!
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How to Fold Your Socks


Next time something knocks your socks off, you'll know exactly what to do!
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Socks and Sandals


The sock and sandal- a game changer. The embarrassment of normcore dad dressing is all but a thing of the past, the uncomfortable combination has since become the staple of any discerning fashionista.
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Cashmere Socks. A Care Guide.


Cashmere is considered to be one of the finest natural fibres in the world, and as such it must be cared for accordingly. Corgi socks not only uses cashmere, but the finest possible Mongolian cashmere goat hair to create its luxury garments.
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Socks In The City


The careful consideration of the dress sock choice should be neither ignored nor undermined. Indeed, the ascendancy of the sock in the workplace has been taken very seriously here at Corgi, thus we introduce the city sock.
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