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September's Competition Winners

September's Competition Winners

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… We’re thrilled to announce the winner and runners up of our recent photo competition. Last month, we asked footwear fanatics to send us snaps of their favourite Corgis in action. Suffice it to say, your entries knocked our absolute socks off!

So what treats are in store for our top of the socks? Our lucky winner will walk (skip and jump) away with a £50 Corgi gift voucher, perfect for splurging on cosy autumn footwear.

Will they choose to spend their prize on a pack of ultra-soft men's merino wool socks in seasonal maroon? Will they opt for a statement sock and dazzle onlookers with their debonaire ankle attire? Whatever their personal sock style, our lucky winner will be stepping out in super soft, lovingly (and locally) made garments, created using the finest materials.

So, without further ado, we’re very pleased to announce our winner and favourite three runners up (well, their shins and toes anyway)

WINNER: Jon Jamieson (and friend)

Jon Jamieson

Including a cameo from a four-legged friend was a stroke of genius on the part of Jon. Who could say no to this sleepy labrador? While perfect sock and shoe pairings give us great aesthetic joy, we think that Jon’s photograph perfectly sums up the joy of a well-made sock: complete and utter comfort. This jazzy, geometric design in mustard also works perfectly with Jon’s brown, waffle-textured settee set-up, earning him even more bonus points. Congratulations, Jon!

Runner up: Benjamin Spain

Ben Spain


Benjamin’s fireside photograph has also captured the true cosiness of Corgi socks, albeit without the adorable animal companion. Instead, Benjamin has included a bold animal print rug in his shot, which clashes in a very pleasing way with his dashing pink- and blue-striped socks. What’s the only thing better than having blissfully comfortable, cosy toes? Having comfy, cosy toes which look devastatingly debonaire. Great stuff, Benjamin.


Runner up: Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams

It may be autumn, but Hayley is clearly ready for the Yuletide festivities to begin. It may not be socially acceptable for us to begin the Christmas countdown, but for those of you who can’t get enough of the festive season, a subtle Christmassy sock is the perfect way to express your excitement (without looking like an out-of-control elf in mid-September). Hayley’s luxurious faux fur throw is the perfect match for our dreamily soft cotton socks, which feel just as indulgent as this backdrop looks.


Runner up: Max Skinner

Max Skinner

Max’s debonaire pose, dapper dressing gown and moody lighting all add to the intrigue of this photograph. What is he thinking? Where is his cut glass tumbler of expensive whiskey? Where will his next undercover mission take place? Max is manifesting some serious James Bond energy from his head, to his Corgi socks. We particularly like the pairing of his dressing gown’s patterns and textures with our whimsical, patterned design.

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