Royal Warrant | King's Approval Granted


Corgi is among the first to be granted the prestigious
HM The King's Royal Warrant for the new reign.

"As a company that dedicates itself to
manufacturing the highest quality knitwear
and socks here in Wales, this the highest
accolade that makes us and all of our staff
beam with pride - it's a testament to their
hard work and skilled craftsmanship."
Mr Chris Jones, Managing Director

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Corgi has been
granted the prestigious HM The King's Royal Warrant for the new
reign. Back in 1989, Corgi was honoured with a Royal Warrant by His
Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, and since then, our products
proudly display the Royal Arms. We are now eagerly awaiting the new
Royal Warrant and a look forward to showcasing
it with immense pride.

We, as proud members of the Royal Warrant Holders Association,
have been eagerly anticipating any updates. It brings us immense joy
to be counted among the select few companies to receive this
prestigious honour. The Association serves as a representation for
individuals and businesses that hold Royal Warrants of Appointment,
a distinguished recognition that holds a special place in the world of
commerce. We are thrilled to announce that HM The King has
graciously bestowed his first Royal Warrants
of the new reign upon us.

We have been very lucky to be able to welcome both HM King Charles
III and Princess Anne to our factory many times over the years. The
staff and local community are always very excited on these
occasions. It is wonderful for us as a company to be recognised for
our commitment to making the best quality knitted goods in Wales,
with a strong heritage and family story.

Our connection with HM The King is truly unique, as we have crafted
numerous pairs of custom socks and knitwear for him throughout the
years. Most recently our Royal Collection designed to commemorate HM The King's Coronation in May 2023.
His majesty's fondness for his Regiment socks is especially notable. In
2013 we designed a collection of socks commissioned by HM King
Charles III who is Colonel or Colonel-in-Chief of the Regiments and
Patron of our charity partner Combat Stress. For every pair sold we
make a donation to Combat Stress, the leading UK charity specialising
in the care of veteran's mental health.
regimental socks to support army veterans

The Welsh Guards Regiment wearing their Corgi socks at a Combat Stress event in 2013. 

As a company we are dedicated to our sustainability practices, our
commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our brand's values. We
aim to be globally recognised as a top-quality manufacturer known
for our eco-friendly approach to growth, sustainability and packaging.
We are extremely proud that all of our energy is from a 100%
renewable source. Our on site solar panels generate up to 80% of our
electricity with the rest contributed by wind farms. Our high quality
knitted goods fits neatly with the global need to utilize renewable
materials such as cotton, wool and cashmere yarn rather than deplete
finite ones. Almost all of the yarn we use are natural fibres sourced
from the UK or Italy.

As part of our commitment to being an eco-friendly brand we use
polybags made from sugar cane, using a new technology which uses
sugar cane waste making it a carbon neutral product and 100%
recyclable. Our cardboard shipping boxes consist of a minimum of
80% recycled material. We express our gratitude for the support of
HM King Charles III as Royal Warrant holders, as we strive to
accomplish our environmental objectives. Our commitment to a more
sustainable future played a crucial role in obtaining the new warrant.
We look forward to entering this new era of HM King Charles III reign
and continue to strive for excellence within the manufacturing sector,
where we will display the new King's Coat of Arms on our products
with immense pride.
The staff outside the Corgi factory in 2015.