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Washing Instructions For Cashmere

Cashmere is one of the finest natural fibres in the world and is combed from the undercoat of Chinese and Mongolian goats. Garments and socks made from delicate fibre require a little more care and attention than products made from coarser wools.

Cashmere knitwear can be hand washed or dry-cleaned. We recommend hand washing frequently following these steps;

Use lukewarm water and a mild detergent to wash the garments. 

When washing try not to rub or wring the garment and make sure you rinse thoroughly in clean lukewarm water. 

Saturated garments should not be lifted before excess water has been gently squeezed out, as they may stretch. A short, light spin in a washing machine will remove most of the water. 

Smooth garment back into original shape and place flat on a towel – dry naturally away from direct heat such as radiators or sunlight. Do not tumble dry. 

When dry press lightly with a cool iron.

Pure Wool Garments 

We recommend gently hand washing garments made of 100% wool, following the steps above.  Please follow the manufacturing label as some may be dry clean. 


Please note that some of our pure wool and cashmere products might start piling or produce small balls on the surface of your garments after wearing them for the first time. The "pilling" is not indicative of inferior quality – it is an inevitable consequence of the careful processing of this fine fibre. Pills can be easily removed by hand or by using wool comb.

By caring for your garment in this way you will find that it improves and softens as it ages. 

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